All is God

Well, last week I posted the Sankofa bird and because I enjoy joining dots and sharing stuff in different ways, I knew this symbol was what I wanted to share next, which really represents oneness or non-duality. It is a Ghanaian Adinkra symbol.

In the inside out understanding – Life /Divine Mind/Source is the Oneness – the source of all life and is in all life and animates all of life. The oneness becomes increasingly diversely expressed through out creation and yet all of creation is still the expression of oneness. We experience the oneness between ourselves and our environment often as resonance, a harmony or a dischord. It is funny to think of ourselves as instruments playing tones, not all tones go together all of the time, but they all have value. No one note is of greater value than another, we are all part of a melody being played out.
There are ( i read somewhere – i will research this) tribes that believe that within every human being is a unique song and the medicine people listen for that song when a child is born and sing it over the child regularly and particularly at times of challenge. This makes so much sense to me.

Each human being has a unique rhythm and sound and is a unique expression of the  the Oneness, and in that expression is whole, perfect, healthy and complete. Resilience and wellbeing are innate as innate as the DNA,as innate as the song.

When we listen for wellbeing, we are affirming that truth – no matter what it looks like on the outside, well being is within. We can listen for Wellbeing in others because we know wellbeing in ourselves. Ultimately we know where wellbeing comes from. Human beings are not just physical beings.

We have within us divinity – and we have the gift of consciousness to be aware that there is more to life than meets the eyes.


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