Listening Post September Updates

After all of the busy period of mental health awareness week, I applied for our trademarks. For Listening Post and I’m Listening. There is an 8 week wait for outcomes and that 8 weeks ended at the end of August. So I will update you about that. In the meantime you will see

#I’m Listening™ and #ListeningPost™

This is an important step so that Listening Posts can be authenticated in the future in both delivery and in training others.

World Mental Health Awareness Day is 10/10/2017 and this years theme is wellbeing in the work place and I’m keen to see work places take up the offer to have a conversation about quiet minds and what it is to listen with a quiet mind.

I believe that leaders can really become Listening Leaders in workplace and colleges and schools and communities. All can be transformed from the inside out when we share the transformative power of a quite mind, that arises from a simple understanding.

In the last week, we have begun to agree what some of the activity will look like in the run up to October 10th … this includes collaborative work with musicians too, which is very exciting.

I have sought some funding for “kit” to run pilot listening projects in community settings.

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