Get Involved

First of all, thank you for your willingness to serve your community in this way. Listening is a gift we can give that blesses both parties. 

So, first things first…

  1. Decide where and when you are going to host a #listeningPost, coffee shops, libraries, museums, public spaces, offices. Get permission if you need it, for most places you wont, people meet and talk in spaces all the time.
  2. Share the details on facebook,  create an event and share across all your social media sites, tell friends and family, be sure to add to the facebook page.
  3. Deliver, turn up and hold your #listeningpost, all you are required to do is listen. Not fix, not solve, not advise. Simply be present in the moment and listen.
  4. Feedback to us, tell us all how it went, what insights emerged for all involved.
  5. Finally, you may want to stay connected and continue to be part of growing or restoring as I see it, Listening Posts, in your community and the good news is you can.
  6. The next move is supporting people in your community to host listening posts … we can talk more about that later.Nancy Kline says it like this “The quality of our attention determines the quality of other people’s thinking”