#what next?

IMG_0432In Ghanaian tradition there is something called Sankofa. It is depicted by a bird that is looking back to pick up a seed.

The phrase that sits with the image is “return and get it” Sankofa is reflection for appreciation. It is NOT rumination nor sticky thinking, it is purposeful use of the fact that we humans ‘think’ and can think well.

In all of our experiencing we are “learning” or discovering or rediscovering things about ourselves and our world. Sometimes we move so quickly to what is next that we miss something and later, go back and fetch it. It is like climbing a mountain, reaching the summit and immediately beginning the descent with the next mountain  in mind. I notice that wisdom invites a pause, a natural tiredness, or desire to rest and look at the view. Wisdom invites reflection, thanks-giving, appreciation and there we find gratitude rising up on the inside and behind gratitude, wonder and love

Over 50 coaches took part in #listeningPost activities during the last week. I do not know if or when the 3principles community has done that collectively before. I can only do my own Sankofa my own reflection for appreciation and as I do that and the beautiful feelings of gratitude and wonder and love emerge, I still dont know what “next” really looks like and I dont need to know it. I trust that the path will emerge anyway as Love and Life continues to flow through us and with us.

I am curious to discover more about what the other coaches have discovered in their recent experience so that we all move forward and take the “wisdom” gleaned from the experiences with us.



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