Listen for Wellbeing is a community initiative to improve mental health and wellbeing across the UK, to share with the nation the Inside-Out nature of reality.

In response to increasingly bleak reports regarding the mental health of the nation, it made sense to connect, those who see and coach from the understanding that good mental health and well being is innate, to their communities in a valuable and powerful way. The way of listening.
Listening from a place of wisdom towards wisdom from the one listened to.

This call to action for transformational coaches and Inside Out facilitators to create #Listening Posts in their local coffee shops and public spaces within their communities during Mental Health Awareness Week and beyond.

We achieved over 50 listening posts in Mental Health Awareness Week 2017.

The vision is that many of them will continue and become regular Listening Posts.

The next layer of activity will see local people introduced to the three principles understanding so that they can lead listening posts in their places of work and local neighbourhoods.

Listen for Wellbeing is a community initiative of InnerSpace Coaching and Consultancy