How to create a Listening Post

5 steps… count them on one hand.

1. Decide when and you’re going to do it, coffee shops are perfect because people always go and talk in coffee shops.

2. Share your #listeningPost information on social media/ create an event if you like and hashtag #listeningPost and please share on “The Listening for Mental Health and Wellbeing” facebook page … if you can make a little video that would be cool,please use the hashtag #listeningPost

3. Go ahead and Do it – turn up and listen, create the space.

4. Share what happened with us …and if folks you listen to want to take pics and upload, let them do that too.

5. You may feel moved to offer a listening post regularly – and next week I will share some more about how we can collectively be part of creating listening posts.

Really simple isn’t it?

Listening is not counselling nor coaching and yet intrinsic to both. Listening does not need regulating nor risk assessing. Usual common sense boundaries apply.

We are not selling, we really are serving, we are creating that experience in a moment that is a practice of total acceptance and humble expectation at the wonder within the person we are listening to.

The quality of attention correlates  or co-relates, is in relationship with the quality of thinking of the one listened to.

#ListeningPost is like throwing a pebble in the water on so many levels, for the one listened to, it could be life changing … the ripples are infinite

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