A Call to Action… do you hear it?

This week has been pretty interesting.
It began with a laser coaching conversation online in front of hundreds of people and I was the person being coached. It was maybe 10 minutes of connecting to my Innerspace, in this season of change and I had the sense of being like a lava lamp, warm, and glowing with ideas and good feelings rising and falling. It was quite beautiful. I got very clear about doing the writing first. Absolutely made total sense.

Then on Thursday, Dave Kibby, asked a question inviting us, as 3 Principles coaches to notice that Mental Health Awareness Week is 8th -14th May and to consider what we could do and how we could put ourselves to Service in an area that continues to approach mental health from the outside in.

I just read the question and immediately saw people holding listening posts in cafes. Literally as I responded to the question the idea kept unfolding and revealing and emerging until what showed up was an immediate, this can be done right now and every coach can do it. Writing first took on a new meaning and we will get to that another day. The question ignited a call to action inside of me and then outside of me, towards you.

A CALL to Action…
Simply because we understand that Good Mental Health and Wellbeing are innate. Resilience does not come and go, only our awareness of it comes and goes.
Insight, Realisation changes the seer and seeing differently changes the entire experience of life.

A Call to Action…

In the week of the 8th-14th May, you are invited to host a listening post.

That means that you set a date and time when you will show up in a public place like a coffee shop and share that information on the facebook page –
“Listening Post for Mental Health and Wellbeing”

Then on the day you show up and listen to whosoever sits in front of you.

I am currently looking to have tshirts printed with #I’mListening on the front so that we are seen together, moving as one almost to show up and point towards the Inside Out nature and just how much that could improve the mental health of our nation is phenomenal.

It is my absolute desire that you would join and bring your light to Mental Health Awareness Week and by implication, when we stop hiding our own light, we really make it ok for others to stop hiding theirs.

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