14 days

It is hard to believe that it is little over two weeks ago since I read Dave Kibbys question and had this idea that Inside Out practitioners could lead listening posts.

It has been an interesting journey, with absolutely no planning whatsoever. I had to resist some requests too, for example the request for a map highlighting who was where doing what that gave the coach details too. I thought it was a great idea and not for 2017 because this year ListeningPost was not about the coach or the coaches business, but the coach as a member of community, with skills and wisdom that community may not even know about and that the community could absolutely utilise for its own wellbeing, one person at a time.

There have been some phenomenal listening posts and some wonderful stories along the way. All of the stories point to the resilience and tenacity of the human spirit, the God-spark, the true self – call it whatever fits, it is the part of all of us that is never contaminated by experiences, it is Life and Life is relentless.

Listening Posts happened in Spain, Israel, Wales, Ireland, United States and England.

I absolutely would have loved more coaches to have gotten on board and I’m blown away by the ones that alreday did. Gratitude , appreciation, awe, and wonder at what people did with this.

Some coaches offered and followed up with action and others did not and that too, is neither good nor bad, it just is.  I wrote to the ICF ( International Coach Federation) and AoC (Association of Coaching) too, hopeful that they would share amongst the members.

Not everyone who signed up is a coach – we had a pharmacist sign up and they are continuing to hold listening posts next week too.

ListeningPost has many applications. I think it is perfect for pharmacists to pick up listening posts across the country – because pharmacists are quite neutral places, we go for medicines and advice, weight management and smoking cessation.

The model of listening posts is asset based, as is the inside out description, so it fits with community development models and is easily replicated in a broad range of community settings, from neighbourhoods to schools, hospitals and colleges, refuges and health clubs.

Listening Posts can run regularly in any locality and be themed around a question, or issue, or local matter. Listening Posts may become 3P community clubs or community nights, like JAT club or One Conversation or the forerunner of such events One Thought Community Night.

In business organisations, Listening Posts can offer a sounding board and reflection and they are best delivered by external practitioners so that people can say whatever they wish without it becoming an issue in their professional environment.
Listening Posts can also be used by organisations to elicit client and customer feedback, both in person and online.

Listen for Wellbeing, has an ambitious idea to deliver with LfW connected coaches,  revolutionary EAP to ambitious organisations in private, public and third and faith sectors.

Anything is possible, thought is indeed the missing link between the formless and the formed, the idea and the manifested or experienced tangible reality.

I have to thank everyone who put their time to this project as a coach or as supporter, you all did this and it has been good.

Our final listening post of MHAW17 is at Trafalgar Square on Sunday 14th May at 1330hours BST.

Beyond that listeningposts will continue in some places and may start in some other places.

Listen for Wellbeing is interested in hearing from you if you would like to lead a listening post in your locality or specific context.

48 listening posts delivered in 7 days, is great. I know that next year lots more people including coaches will be on board and many more people will have the opportunity to be listened to beautifully.


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